Camp Site Competitions



  • Fair Dinkum Aussie
  • Caching Team Name
  • Australian Aurora (Night Display)


  • Keep it family friendly
  • Must be camping within the showgrounds
  • Camp site must be set up (including lights on) from Saturday at 5:00pm
  • Entry into one category only
  • Must not exceed the boundary of your camp site
  • Aurora displays must not include open fire and be within power limits for the site (eg. 10amp; 15amp)
  • Aurora displays will have to be doused by 11pm
  • Finalists will be decided by appointed committee, with winners chosen by popular vote on Sunday.
  • All sites will be judged (and photographed) Saturday between 5:00pm and 6:00pm
  • Popular Vote and Results announced at Sunday Night Presentations


  • 1 x Major Prize (Overall Best Site)
  • 2 x Minor Prizes (Best site from each category (excluding best overall category)
  • 3 x Finalist Prizes (1 for runner up in each category)
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2014 Camp Site Competitions - Queensland Geocaching Mega Event 2015.