Terms and Conditions


Refunds / Cancellation Policy:
No refunds for registrations will be accepted.

Cancellations for camping fees will be as follows:
More than 2 months notice - full refund
Between 1 month and 2 months notice - 50% refund
Less than 1 month - no refund

Privacy Policy:
The Event Committee shall use information submitted here for the purposes of conducting the Mega Event. Information such as the Geocaching.com team name shall be published on the event website as will the camping site number (where applicable). Names of individuals may be printed and published at the event (such as on event name tags) or event programs at the discretion of the Event Committee. The Event Committee will not distribute names to 3rd parties unless it is required to do so in order to run the event. For instance, informing a sponsor of who won a prize.

As an attendee of the QLD Mega 2015 - Stanthorpe Mega Event you explicitly agree that the Event Committee, volunteers and Queensland Geocaching Mega Event Inc. shall not be held liable for any accident, injury or loss before, during or after the event. You hear by agree to release the Event Committee, Queensland Geocaching Mega Event Inc. and its volunteers from any and all actions (and future actions) that may result from said accident, injury or loss whilst travelling to and from the event, during the event or in connection to the event.

You agree that the Event Committee shall officiate over all competition aspects of the event and the decision of the officials will be final when determining competition placing’s or winners. The Event Committee may, at its discretion add, remove or alter any rules or conditions for games and / or competitions. The Event Committee shall at its discretion reserve the right to disqualify any player or team who the Event Committee deems to be playing unfairly or outside the rules of the game.

Attendees of the Mega Event are expected to behave in a civilised and respectful manner towards other attendees and event officials at all times (whilst at the venue and offsite). This conduct includes being respectful to the venue by ensuring it is used with care and responsibility. If damage occurs to the venue, buildings or grounds fixtures or fittings the liability for such damage shall be borne by the individual or individuals involved, at the discretion of the Event Committee, Southern Down Regional Council or local authorities. The 'Venue' is defined as any and all areas used by the Event Committee in hosting the Mega Event. This includes areas outside the Stanthorpe Showgrounds, such as a stage of a game, geocache location, local business premises etc. All damages shall be reported to an Event Committee member as soon as practical.

Should the conduct of an individual (or their guests) be deemed inappropriate by the Event Committee, it shall reserve the right to have a person or persons removed from the event either temporarily or permanently. In the interests of safety to event attendees and Event Officials the Event Committee takes a zero tolerance approach to violence, drug and alcohol abuse and by taking into consideration the family friendly nature of the event, will not tolerate excessive inappropriate language. Where necessary, local authorities will be requested to support the Event Committee in managing such behaviours.

In consideration of others, please keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 10:30pm to 8am.

Generator curfew is from 7pm - 9am.
Please consider the neighbours of the Stanthorpe Showgrounds and keep noise down.

Sale of goods / services:
The sale of any goods or services is prohibited at the event unless permission from the Event Committee has been sought and given.

Camping will only be permitted to guests who have registered and paid in full. Camping is permissible only in the area allocated. On completion of the event we ask that your area be cleaned and free from any rubbish.

The Event Committee remind attendees to provide at all times, appropriate supervision and duty of care for their own children and/or animals and property.

Cars / Vehicles / Bikes:
Speed limit is walking pace at all times.
Helmets must be worn at all times when riding a bike. Vehicles must give way to pedestrians at all times.

Please wear your nametag and display vehicle identification while at the event. These will be provided to you.

Local Caching
Please consider local cache owners when undertaking your own caching activities. Try to keep your log (sticker/stamp/signature) small, as not to fill the log book unnecessarily. With the influx of geocachers in the area, cache owners will appreciate this small consideration.

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