How to Access Lab Caches GPX File


This handy trick will allow you to download a GPX file of any current and past Lab Caches.

Access the Lab Caches website at and Log In

Next to your user name, select the arrow and select View Logs.

This page will show all of the Lab Caches you have found.

Select the Event you wish to download the GPX file for ie. QLD Mega 2015 Stanthorpe

This will open up a page that will list all of the caches in this adventure.

The URL of this page will be something similar to...

To get the GPX file, change Details to DetailsAsGPX so that the URL looks like this...

Select Enter. This will begin the download of the GPX file of this adventure. You can then load this file onto your GPS or into GSAK.

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2014 How to Access Lab Caches GPX File - Queensland Geocaching Mega Event 2015.