QLD Mega Planning Day 2

The second Queensland Geocaching Mega Event Planning Day was held on Sunday February 9th, at the Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens (http://coord.info/GC4WM93) and the day was full of updates from the planning committee, and many ideas offered up from everyone that attended. There were delicious snags on the BBQ, and a great day was had by all. The committee wants to thank everyone for attending, and a few notes from the planning day are below:

  • Congratulations to IolantheK for naming the logo "Stan" and winning a $50 BCF Gift Voucher.
  • Thank you to everyone who submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI). We successfully reached over 500 people with an EOI.
  • The event will be published in April 2014.
  • Due to Groundspeak Guideline changes in 2013, are are required to list the event as a 'regular event' and once 500 people have registered, the event will be automatically upgraded to a Mega Event.
  • Camping will be available either side of the event directly with the showgrounds. We will be able to provide details on this closer to the event.
  • Dogs will be allowed at the showgrounds, as long as the owner picks up after them.
  • We have had plenty of offers for volunteers, and we will be publishing a Volunteers form when the event is published.
  • The event pricing will be on par with previous Mega Events including South Australia's in 2014.

There were also plenty of ideas raised by the group, and below are a few:

  • An information pack for 'muggles' including how to find a geocache.
  • First Aid will be available on site.
  • A bookmark list of geocache's recommended by 'Stan'
  • 4G coverage is available in town and at the showgrounds. Some of the powertrails do not have complete coverage, so reference points will be provided for emergency situations where coverage has been confirmed (not guaranteed though)

A special thank you to youngoldfella for a very generous donation of trackables, pathtags and geocoins worth over $1,000. We truly thank youngoldfella for this very generous gift.

To everyone else that attended, we thank you for your support of this event. Keep an eye out for the published event  

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